This is your Parental Guide to NAVIGATE through the BEAST Total Athlete Training website, take your time and appreciate all the INFO that has been compiled for you!!


Read our Mission Statement and Vision:

  • Check out our training company's Mission Statement. Know who you are dealing with and what we're about!!
  • Check out our training vision and methodology. Know what kind of program we want to offer!!

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Read our Current BEAST News and Testimonials:


Look at our Training Pictures and Videos:

  • Check out our training pictures, training videos and Vertimax specific training pictures. Watch some of our training videos and look at the tons of pictures of kids putting in work!!

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Discover Healthy Living Tips:


Read our Recruitment Process INFO:


Know what a Coach and a Trainer should do:

  • Check out what we believe the difference is between coaching and training. Learn what the benefits are from having an in season and a post season workout routine!!

training-image  Read about what training we offer:

  •  Check out what different training packages we offer. Let us try and mold something that will benefit your student athlete!!

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Contact Us for any further information:

  • At any time you can always contact us and discuss what we offer and how you think we can help your student athlete through this process. We strive to be an organization that assists all members of the community from the highly skilled to the novice players. Come let us COACH, TEACH and MENTOR your child and make an INVESTMENT in them THEY WILL NOT OUTGROW!!!!!



Hoops for House


Hoops for House is a FREE basketball skills clinic that we're hosting for Lighthouse for Life ( We'll be accepting donations at the camp or online. To REGISTER go to ( or contact us directly at